Bicycle Riders - get SEEN by Motorists at Night! 

Introducing the "NEON", a revolutionary Helmet Light that gets cyclists seen from long distance!

The NEON is a bicycle helmet light that produces an intensely bright "neon like" light.  The NEON slips over your helmet in seconds and gets cyclists SEEN because it's different - it's not a white headlight.  When drivers see it they pay attention and it holds their attention while they try to figure out what it is.  In addition, because it's worn on the riders head, its' directly in the line-of-sight of drivers.   

Other benifits of the NEON:

  • The NEON is one size fit all - youth to adult
  • The NEON is visible from 360 degrees
  • The NEONs powered by 2, AA batteries
  • The NEON weighs 6.6 oz with 2 AA batteries
  • The NEON light will last 1,200 +/- hours
  • The NEON slips over an existing helmet 


The EZ2B Seen, Inc., Lighted Bicycle Helmet Cover is Patent Pending.